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Heartland bestseller
Michigan Notable Book
NYT  bestseller

"When Evil Came to Good Hart is a well-researched and well-written piece of nonfiction that holds the reader in its spell. My highest praise for Mardi Link's book, it reads like a good novel, a real page-turner."


             ―Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People and The Tarnished Eye

"An astonishing story told with beautiful, lyrical prose that never overshadows the facts. Mardi Link's achievement with Isadore's Secret is nothing short of stellar."


                  —Gregg Olsen,author of Starvation Heights and If You Tell

ID Channel

A Crime to Remember

Season 1, Episode 5

"A New Kind of Monster"


Deadly Women

Season 9, Episode 10

"Red Hot Temper"

Passport To Murder

Season 1, Episode 8

"Mystery at Good Hart"

Killer Clergy

Season 1, Episodes 2, 3, 4

"Sins of the Father"

"Eternal Sleep"

"Thou Shall Not Kill"

Wicked Takes the Witness Stand "weaves a story where the judicial system itself is put on trial... prepare to have your perspectives challenged on every crime you read about in the press."

                           —Blaine Pardoe, author of Murder in Battle Creek

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